What About That ‘R’ IN PR?

Some acronyms are universally recognized. NASA, NBC, NOAA and AWOL are just a few examples. PR is also on the list, but there might be a necessary update to the cipher.

When we break it down, PR is perhaps better defined as “Public Reputation.” It’s more than how a business relates to the public. It’s about building, maintaining and defining the reputation of the business, as measured in public opinion.

Relations, as a term, defines the building of that reputation to an extent, but it leaves something to be desired. Relational business relationships aren’t always positive. I may relate to a business in good ways, but I might also relate in mixed ways or not relate at all. Relations is more fluid than reputation.

Here’s an example – I don’t collect coins, but I know of some businesses that deal in coin collection and trading. Since it’s not a hobby of mine, I relate to them very little. On the flip side, I’m aware of a few coin shops that have a solid reputation. If I ever decided to collect coins, I’d go with those places over others, whose reputations I’m unsure about. I’d also recommend them to anyone who might ask me about a good coin shop in my area.

The way we relate to a business and the reputation of that business aren’t the same. We’d venture to guess that reputation matters most. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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