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There’s no better way to put a friendly and welcoming face on your senior communities, in the markets they serve. This local market publicity also reaches your prospects before they are ready to even begin searching for a senior community. And the news coverage it generates can provide you with the most powerful content to repurpose across your other marketing channels. Enjoy!

Boy Scout Leader Shares Six Decades of Experience
Featured TV Story: (VIEWABLE)

CBS News highlights client’s memory care music program

Resident profile highlights socialization benefits

Boy Scout Leader Shares Six Decades of Experience
Boy Scout Leader Shares Six Decades of Experience

Boy Scout leader shares
six decades of experience.

“Enjoy this recent coverage we placed about a senior living resident who has a long history as a scout leader!”

A backstroke of genius: Local retirees start a synchronized swimming team

Boy Scout Leader Shares Six Decades of Experience
Lufkit Man’s Lego Collection

SCREEN SHOT: Unique resident  hobbies always make for a great story! Stories like these show that residents are independent and free to pursue personal interests. This resident has an amazing Lego collection–developed over 17 years! Other popular hobbies are woodworking, gardening, art, history and yes–even skydiving! The list of possibilities is endless.

Wartime or military   service
SCREEN SHOT: Wartime or military   service stories about residents–especially women–are a real magnet for local journalists. You would be amazed to learn about some of the amazing war time exploits your residents can share. That little, 85-year-old resident might have been a wildcat in a defense plant in the 1940s, just like the subject of this resident profile!
Former NASA employee builds COVID-19 visitation station

SCREEN SHOT: Technology stories  score well with the media when covering senior communities. Here, a former NASA employee used his experience to create a COVID-19 visitation room at one of our client’s communities, for people to see their family members during recovery. How cool is that?

News Stories in Print Now Have an Extended Life Online!

Even today, local newspapers are still the lifeblood for local news dissemination, and journalists are always hungry for good stories about seniors. They appreciate professionally developed news stories and will sometimes run them word for word–or create a much larger feature story! Most print outlets also carry their stories in their online versions, which extends its “shelf life indefinitely and boosts your SEO by increasing the references to your brand, online.


Caliche Resident Publishes her First Book At age 94

Local newspaper story about an elderly female resident who got her first book—an autobiography—actually published. This is a classic lifestyle story showing how a senior community can encourage and support residents to achieve life-long dreams.
Senior Living Marketing Services

Local story recognising senior community staff members. Local news stories are an ideal way to boost staff retention and recruiting through effective recognition of career development and training opportunities.
Senior Living Marketing Agency

Local newspaper story on senior artist who decorated his own senior living community with hs works of art. Mailer we created to announce new community opening in Kansas. PR is a vital part of new community openings, especially when coordinated with local direct mail programs.

PR Support Mailers / Stand Alone Direct Mail

Creative and well designed printed pieces can work well to support your PR events–such as grand openings–or as stand alone mailers. We created the attractive and engaging postcard mailer to announce a new community opening in Kansas.