Dedicated to Seniors and to Senior Living Providers

CEO Jeff Bell founded Bell PR & Marketing in 2020, right as Covid was reaching full impact. Already a savvy senior living PR veteran, he saw that senior providers were going to need a special level of messaging support. He was right. The young agency quickly added new clients who needed smart, agile communications, while they fought to maintain their existence.

Besides top “big agency” experience,  Jeff brought a sincere heart and a seasoned mind to serving his senior living clients.  Since Jeff didn’t have to support a huge building and a large number of staff, he was able to deliver top results for a fraction of what his competitors had to charge. That proved to be an irresistible combination and Bell has grown quickly, only adding top talent with major experience in senior living industry.

Like you, we see our work as equal parts mission, ministry and methodology. In fact, we are radically committed to staying ahead of the curve to deliver “best practices” in senior PR and marketing, as well as being an industry “bellwether,” providing thought leadership as well as solid results.

Best Practices Define
Senior Marketing

Best Practices Define Senior Marketing

Though committed to affordable solutions, we never compromise bringing advanced ideas and tech-savvy techniques to keep you ahead of the curve as well. That enthusiasm for excellence seems to attract like-minded clients. Nothing gives us more pleasure than helping them become bellwethers in their own right. That’s why our slogan is: Never Follow. Be a Bellwether.

Jeff Bell & the Making of Main Street Values

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Jeff Bell and the Making of Main Street Values

In a world full of faceless corporations, Bell PR & Marketing brings a down-home set values to every project we do for you. Please take a few minutes to listen to Bell CEO Jeff Bell share how growing up in a multi-generational family of entrepreneurs shaped his perspective on doing business. Jeff understands that success is about making his clients successful–whatever it takes. Because with us, all business is personal, just like it was for Jeff’s Granddad and his lumber and hardware store in a small town in Kansas.

“At Bell, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on quality in order to get truly attractive pricing. We know that if we do extra ordinary work, at budget friendly prices, everyone wins. We are the model for the future.”

 – Jeff Bell, Founder and CEO, Bell PR & Marketing

Our Team

When you work with Bell PR & Marketing, you get a rare mixture of deep senior living expertise, immediate access to top senior staff, and unmatched marketing ROI. It’s all based on our focus on cost-savings for our clients. And it all adds up to your best value for best practices on every project you entrust to us. Contact us today for a one-hour free consultation on your next project!

Jeff Bell - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Bell brings more than 20 years of communications experience and nearly

10 in senior living, including top agency jobs, to his role at the helm of Bell PR &
Marketing. Prior to that, he was a broadcast journalist for many years, which accounts for his unmatched “news nose” in identifying and placing riveting news stories for our clients. Far from sticking around the “ivory tower,” Jeff rolls up his sleeves and directly serves our clients. Jeff’s entrepreneurial genes wouldn’t let him be anywhere but in the middle of the action. Jeff has a direct and straightforward approach to challenges that our clients love.
Erin Gleason - Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer, Erin Gleason is responsible for all things operational, including marketing research and results. 

She draws from her years of personal experience as a marketing associate for one of the nation’s largest senior living companies. She brings that top-tier attention to excellence to every facet of our busy enterprise–and to the work we do for our clients.
Jeff Bell - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Creative Director, Julie Montoya-Huston brings years of experience in communications and graphic design to her role at Bell. Prior to joining Bell, she worked as a graphic designer at a multimedia company where she conceptualized and designed book covers, advertisements, web graphics and brochures. Julie also brings experience in photography and audio and video editing. She has earned her bachelors and master’s degrees in communication. Julie has a deep love and history of serving others which paved her way into senior living.  She enjoys looking for creative ways to tell stories through a wide variety of media.

Jeff Bell - Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Josh Ludin, Strategic Web/SEO Director In a world where websites are the “go-to” marketing hub, Josh is our go-to-guy for websites, SEO and all things edgy and

digital! He’s designed and developed more than 400 websites, on more than a dozen content management systems. So yeah, he’s a web dev gunslinger! In Josh’s world, smart trumps just busy, so starting from the right premise is key to success. For example, he believes that understanding the targeted user behavior is key to generating ROI for a new website. So Josh designs high-converting websites, focusing on a strategic call to action placement on both the desktop and mobile interface.

But a great website is just the centerpiece of a larger, search-empowered marketing arena. So happy to say, Josh has been working on management of Google search campaigns since 2013, including search engine optimization, Google search ads, display video and remarketing.

As a result, when Josh and his posse saddle up on a website project, you can be sure you’re getting not only world-class webpages but an entire SEO marketing program to make sure your website doesn’t get “lost in space.” He likes to create a stream of steady visitors.

Fortunately, this web dev gunslinger rides the range in the senior living industry, and currently manages Google marketing strategies for 40+ senior communities on our behalf. With all due respect to Spiderman, Josh is the best web slinger on the planet, and we’re glad he’s here to make our clients delighted with our web dev / SEO / SEM projects we undertake for them.

Jeff Bell - Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Marketing and PR Account Executive, Lisa Diehl brings more than 25 years of marketing and communications experience to her role at Bell PR & Marketing, including 8 years in communications and marketing for one of the largest not-for-profit senior living systems in the Midwest. She started her career as a newspaper reporter and business editor for a local daily newspaper before entering the marketing industry, where she has done everything from graphic design to search engine optimization. While her passions are digital marketing tactics,

great copywriting and website information architecture, she’s not afraid to dive into the analytics to sleuth out the customer journey, discover trends and create strategies for engaging with prospects.

Jeff Bell - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marketing and PR Account Executive, Liz Miller brings many years of senior living expertise and project development to her role at Bell PR & Marketing.

Early in her career, Liz served as the founder of an urban youth outreach and used creative marketing strategies to engage thousands of stakeholders. Later Liz shifted gears, turning her focus to senior living as a social worker at a Continuing Care Retirement Community. Liz has earned her bachelors and masters in social work and personally understands the daily challenges and rewards of working in senior living. She recognizes that building relationships with residents lies at the heart of senior living and considers it a privilege to share each resident and community’s story through her work with Bell PR & Marketing.