The Heart Of The Matter

COVID-19 has turned all of us upside down. In normal times, we might be promoting countless events or stories for our clients. Instead, most of our work these days involves virus updates – new policies, positive cases, protocols, procedures and legal language fun. While all of that communication is essential, might we suggest another form?

Across the nation, the heart of our country is on display and often goes unnoticed. We see the protests, the unrest, the politics and the fear. What we often miss are neighbors helping neighbors, families reuniting through windows and plexiglass, moments of healing and moments of true compassionate service.

If your business is involved in these moments or has a story to share, why not let us help tell it? Yes, the media loves a controversy, but they also love a tear jerker. As much as they like to broadcast the despair, they also like to broadcast the hope.

Here’s an example:

A friend of mine wanted to donate to COVID-19 research. He wasn’t sure what else he could do, but realized he also needed to organize the basement. What resulted was a massive online sale of a ton of items he no longer needed, with all the proceeds going toward organizations that are doing research on the virus. His way of helping was right there in his own home, just waiting to be sorted and sold.

He could’ve watched the doom and gloom and felt this was too big to tackle on his own. Instead, he took what he had, turned it into something positive, and played his role for Team America. While he wasn’t interested in being on the news, his example is one companies can and should emulate. Do the good, tell the media about it and change the narrative from division to unity.

We’d love to help you tell a great story.

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