The “Do” Of “PR”

Long before I founded Bell Public Relations I was a kid growing up in the 1980’s. I was the kid who collected Transformers and tried my best to use “the Force” to clean my room. That first decade of my life was foundational. No, I still haven’t mastered any Jedi mind tricks, but what I took with me from those times is essential.

The lessons of my childhood are all about DOING.

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

When I think about that time, every message I received from the culture around me was centered on what we CAN accomplish. Nike told me to “Just Do It.” President Reagan said our best days were on the horizon. E.T. knew he’d get home if he could just get that darn phone to work.

Successful PR must be based on the belief that any problem has a solution. We don’t try to solve it. We just do it.

In my own career, I’ve navigated the challenges faced by clients like Indiana Jones cutting through the jungle on his way to an ancient artifact. Once the “weeds” of a problem are removed, we can see it clearly and take action. Whether it’s a client facing an onslaught of negative online reviews, a change in public perception or the need to communicate a great story, we never question whether a solution exists. We simply find it.

Whatever the PR issue our clients face, we tell them the truth. There IS a solution. Your best days ARE ahead of you. That’s the DO in PR.

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