The Covid Connection

Young children know it well. Kermit the Frog’s “The Rainbow Connection” is a sweet, optimistic song that tells us “rainbows have nothing to hide” and they’re “only illusions.” In this time of uncertainty, what connection can businesses make to the message of this simple song? The answer might surprise you.

While COVID-19 is certainly no illusion, the fear that’s impacted our economy is, to a certain extent, illusory in nature. Over the past few months, we’ve learned that businesses can adapt to even a situation as difficult as this pandemic. Whether it’s purchasing and requiring masks for associates, allowing the flexibility of work from home or finding ways to provide essential services to clients and customers, innovators innovate. It’s what we do.

Part of innovating, however, is communicating. It’s essential to let your network of customers and colleagues know what you’ve done to provide a safe environment for business to be transacted. Unlike the Spanish Flu pandemic of the last century, our means of communicating are greater and more expansive. Social media, websites and blogs are just a few of the tools at our fingertips. How we use these tools measures the success of our pandemic-related communications efforts.

The illusion of the COVID connection is that we’re not connected, that we’re somehow going through this separately. When we reach out, we find that our common purpose is the same – to get through this together. As Kermit tells us, “Somebody thought of that and someone believed it, and look what it’s done so far.”

So during this time of trial, reach out. Stay connected to customers and associates, alike. Share your successes and the lessons learned from trial and error. As we always say, good PR is more than just awareness. Good PR is about making connections that last well beyond this time of trials.

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