Seniors Are Awesome

Storytelling is, if done correctly, an essential part of good PR. Raising awareness about a business, brand, organization or cause begins with telling a great story. Support for what you do is less about what you do and more about who you’re perceived to be.

We’re fortunate, as a PR firm, to work with numerous clients who happen to be in the business of providing care to seniors. Some offer care, like assisted living. Others offer lifestyle. Many offer a continuum of both. The story, however, isn’t in the care options. It’s in the people.

Imagine a story on the local news about a couple who have been married for 70 years. In the background – as they talk about love, commitment, life’s challenges and their enduring affection – is the logo of the retirement community where they live. The newscaster doesn’t have to say a word. The story touches the heart of the viewer and achieves awareness of the community all at once.

There are few things universally enjoyed by consumers of mass media. The stories of seniors – their lives, their hobbies, their wisdom – are almost always a hit with viewers or readers.

If you’re in the business of senior living, you have a treasure trove of amazing stories within your community. World War II vets, Rosie the Riveters, world travelers, people who were at Woodstock, people who worked on the Apollo missions…the list goes on and on.

Our passion is telling stories. We love all stories but we really love senior stories. Simply put, SENIORS ARE AWESOME.

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