Let’s Get It Started!

Welcome to our new website 2.0!

We’re excited about launching our new website, that shares so much more about our capabilities. We also thought it was an ideal time to also launch a 2.0 version of our company blog, now entitled, Clear As a Bell. At Bell PR & Marketing, we believe that the entire senior living industry is facing a major reset that will have to come to terms with an evolving (and thankfully, lessening) pandemic, higher performance thresholds, tough staffing pressures, and more streamlined budgets (nothing new under the sun.)

In order to not just cope–but win larger occupancy and improved ROI–senior providers will need to learn a fresh layer of marketing skill sets, to complement those they already have. Many of these are not well known or masterfully practiced by the majority of senior living owners and operators today. They would include PR (not well understood by most), content architecture, and marketing automation (a turbo-charged channelization of content.) And there are many others.

This blog will seek to bring you the “best of the best” in best practices insights every week. We’ll be looking at the customer journey with fresh eyes, and unpacking the key elements for success at every step along the sales development continuum. I’m sure you won’t be able to catch every edition but I can tell you that, the more often you do, the more complete and wholly integrated this complex brand to bottomline equation will seem.

As always, those who are most innovative, and even inventive, will find a way ahead of the curve. Sadly, this fierce new market climate, may kick some others to the curb. However, together, we can chart a way forward that delivers vital results as never before, at even lower cost. All because of breakthrough thinking. Please think of Clear as a Bell as our investment in breakthrough thinking you can use everyday. I can’t of a better path to becoming a bellwether!

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