It’s the economy, st****!

It was 1992 when a political operative coined the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Now, I don’t like to call people stupid. In fact, I think it’s downright crass. With that said, the operative’s point can be understood well beyond the world of politics. In fact, if I could be so bold I would say business goes as the economy goes and vice versa.

Why do I say all this on a senior living blog? Well, in case you haven’t noticed we’ve had some economic ups and downs recently and not so recently. The past twenty-two years seem to have been a series of economic highs and lows. Some, such as the fallout from COVID-19, have hit our industry square in the nose. Those punches hurt and they’re personal. All of us, from providers to marketers got into the field of senior living because, on some level, we care about older adults. Most of us care a LOT.

That brings me to marketing budgets, which can be as unpredictable as the economy.

At Bell, we’re focused on changing the game when it comes to prices. We don’t just say “Best Practices, Best Prices.” We mean it. We do it by employing the best and partnering with best, and also by spending very little on our own marketing. We’re saving clients money, which, let’s face it, is a BIG DEAL right now. We understand what the pandemic has done to our industry and we’re committed to helping as best we can.

Anyone who goes into business does so, at least to a degree, to make money. We’re no different and don’t worry about us – we do just fine. Our slogan, however, is “Never Follow. Be a Bellwether.” We take that seriously and we’re not following the traditional model when it comes to how we price out the services we provide to senior living providers. We’re different.

Don’t believe me? Let us provide a free brand/cx audit and follow that up with a proposal for services. You might just like the look and feel of your 2023 budget a whole lot more after you’ve met with us – and more importantly, the direction of your marketing strategy. It’s what the old pros call a “win win.”

So we’ll never call you stupid, but we will improve your organization’s “economy.” That I can promise.

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