Content Marketing for Senior Living’s Digital Future

Whether we work in Silicon Valley or in senior living, it’s no secret that tech (especially digital platforms) have dramatically altered the way we use content to drive marketing strategy. It’s also no secret that tech allows us to reach prospects in ways never before imagined. From savvy social media strategies to targeted email marketing campaigns, we’re able to learn more about leads and, consequently, they’re able to learn more about us. The question, then, is how do we win the marketplace and position ourselves for the future?

At Bell, we’ve rolled out a service we call NewsPower. Instead of using earned media as ONE means of a larger marketing strategy, we LEAD with earned media. As our website explains:

  • While other agencies may tout data and paid traffic as the occupancy cure-all, we are master story tellers who begin your brand story with local market PR and then play that brand narrative out in strategic content campaigns.
  • Those campaigns capture your most qualified leads and send them directly into your CRM system for your sales folks to do what they do best–guide them into a closed sale. For those prospects who don’t buy right away, we can provide automated content support, geared to prospect segments and buying stages.

You might be saying to yourself, “That’s great. But we already do earned media and we try to repurpose it across our channels. What’s the differentiator? How do you go from storytelling to my CRM?”

For starters, a lot of senior living providers are doing some form of media relations. The question is, are they doing it well? If you’re not working with an experienced partner, media relations is typically limited to a sales and marketing manager, who already has too much on her plate, sending an occasional event announcement to the media. If it’s picked up (and that’s a big IF) they might post it to Facebook or even share it to their website. That, however, is generally where the story ends.

We’re not criticizing. In fact, we get it. That’s why we created NewsPower. It starts with targeted media relations that does much more than just share events with local reporters. We dig deep, finding the resident and associate stories that make your community unique. Then, after carefully crafting content, we bring quality media coverage to your community – and we’re just getting started.

NewsPower begins where most other agencies stop. We don’t just repurpose your content, we give it life. News content is versioned across your channels, from web and social all the way to traditional direct mail. We drive content viewers to a landing page where they can download sales assets and fill out a contact form. Those leads go directly into your CRM pipeline and, spoiler alert, they’re different leads from the leads you get through your traditional marketing efforts. It’s more bang for your buck, as the old sales slogan goes. Finally, your sales team is able to continue the conversation and hopefully, close the sale.

We think this holistic and innovative approach to content marketing is the bee’s knees. But don’t take our word for it. As with all Bell services, you get top agency quality for a price that’s unbeatable. Let’s build something together and not break the bank in the process.

If NewsPower is something you’d like to learn more about, give us a ring. You won’t get a receptionist or a low level account executive when you call. You’ll talk to the team at the top and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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